Cheval Young Writers Award - 2020




Nathan Munday
I am originally from Carmarthenshire but have been living in north Wales for almost a year now. My wife and I live in the heart of Snowdonia where we look after William Morgan's birthplace (the translator of the Welsh Bible) for the National Trust. I enjoy writing, music, literature, mountaineering and skiing.

His winning entry is a poem entitled ‘23rd of October’.

Rhodri Diaz

I grew up in a small village on the border between Swansea and Carmarthenshire. I’m a proud Welsh speaker and the majority of my writing includes an element of Welshness. I’ve had stories included in Cheval 10 and 11, and am currently working on a novel set in medieval Wales. In my spare time, I like wandering around castles and eating cake.

His winning entry is a story entitled ‘The Bones of You’.



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Cara Cullen
I am a writer and musician from Pontypridd. After completing a degree in history at the University of Oxford, I concentrated my studies on the history, literature, material culture and landscape of Wales. Working in St. Fagans National Museum of History, I have spent the past few years researching and collecting oral history and traditions. My writing has been heavily influenced by this experience of listening to stories as well as my interest in fell-running and the natural environment.

Her winning entry is a story entitled ‘Preiddeu Annwn’.

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