Poems and Pints November 2019
Posted By: admin On Monday 18th of November 2019 08:20:31.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Tuesday 26th of November 2019 21:08:24.
An entertaining evening to support the Terry Hetherington Writers Award, Patrick travelled far to share his poetry about farming, Donna sings; ' I can see clearly now....'Derek shares his poetry including; 'The large oak tree', great to listen to Greg again, great poems including;; 'I am the Taliesen', poetry and song from Paula, beautifully sang; 'Cold is the East wind'. Paul, including his wife Jane had us all singing in the Scottish dialect. Phil the MC a powerful reader of his own verse. Beryl brought us some erotic stories about the artist 'Tamara' while Sally had vivid stories of travels abroad. Kym is a great reader of poetry including 'Vegetables' and 'What is death'. brings everyone a sense of happiness and joy, great music, including'Don't go out tonight' Teifion can switch his mind back to an eleven year old, bringing us more stories about Zac, amazing,. Mark W. has 2 brilliant poem with humour about Father Michael, Mark L, poetry with a wide diction and a a song in great voice, Judith and Keith combine well together; 'Why does the sun go on shining,' 'Mr. Sandman' and 'Every Sha -la -la-la'. A most enjoyable video filmed by Michael and a big thank you to Malcolm for the web-site.
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