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Posted By: admin On Friday 4th of October 2019 15:47:01.
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                                                                             Event Program
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Saturday 5th of October 2019 22:19:28.
The event takes place in Victoria Gardens Neath. The coming together of young writers commended at the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award, Rhodri, Rhys Owain, Emily, Catrin (with friends reading) are all published in the Cheval series of anthologies available from the cheval website. Funding for the Terry Hetherington Young Writers award is made possible by contributors to Cheval: Neath Poems and Pints, readings come from Amanda, Phil, MC, Kym, Paula, Greg, Wendy, Donna, Derek, Rhoda, Tim, Matthew. The event was enjoyed by allMichael was filming and Malcolm Lloyd provides the web-site as well as providing a power point with past award evening images, as well as, Neath Poems and Pints
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