Poems and Pints July 2019
Posted By: admin On Sunday 14th of July 2019 10:42:42.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Sunday 14th of July 2019 20:30:57.
A brilliant evening at the Cambrian Arms Melyn 2019 Independence day we had visitors from Florida, Randy, Macy and Mary Ann, it was a pleasure to meet them. Brendan had some memorable songs. Sally had stories of her travels, as well as poetry, Derek sang his own song about Swansea, and a cheerful poem that life is worth living. Sam Smith from the Garw Valley brought poems from his own collection. Liza had a reading that give us all a smile, as did Buddug. Greg had a poem about how the wild animals have come to town, one zero, Paula had her own painting and talked us through her inspiration as well as a duet with Mark 'Calon lan',Mark had a poem about Wimbleton, farmer poet Patrick had poems about horses. Teifion had an absorbing story about 'Jollly' and the Yetti, as well as' a Swan story, Beryl had a satirical reading about God and the Devil, Kym had a great poem about dog-sitting Sam and looking after grandfather, Kelvin had a choice of the most interesting readings, Heather's poem was about being the 'only red' in the village. Brendan brought the evening to a close with songs as we all joined in. A great end to American Independence Day
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