Poems and Pints March 2019
Posted By: admin On Monday 11th of March 2019 11:43:15.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Monday 11th of March 2019 22:34:50.
A most enjoyable evening at the Cambrian Arms for March Poems and Pints. The pot Patrick Dobbs travelled to the Melyn all the way from his farm at Llwyn-y-fan fach to be with us. His poems took us through many cultures. Heather brought us a beautiful folk song about Whaling, Phil read from his own powerful collection about Wales, read with humour, memorable. Amanda related a poem about her mother (Aida) who took flight while holding onto her while climbing Pen-y-fan. Teifion gave a great reading of his poem about Moby-Dick. Huw related a true story on the sink-holes in Neath -Fracking/ we wonder! Derrick had a poem about Banksy bringing fame to Port Talbot, Brexit a topic on everyone's tongue. Mark describes a French Market with some amazing words, Matthew;'Dreams of Words' read in a powerful way, Paul has a tale about Raynaud, and Paula a poem about the Slostice, as well as a lovely song. The contributors brought the listeners a great second half performance, and mark got everyone singing with 'Sospan Fach'. Derrick ended the evening with a sensitive poem; 'I miss you Dad so much'
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