Poems and Pints June 2018
Posted By: admin On Saturday 16th of June 2018 15:43:19.
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Comment from: AIDA BIRCH
Posted On: Saturday 16th of June 2018 21:07:03.
S Summer-fun Evening with Brendan who certainly has; 'Got class /Got style'. He dedicates a song to Michael and Amanda who recently wed on a steam train. Heather has a poem about leaving the garage and moving on, as well as, a beautiful folk song. Likewise Huw has a twist to the end of his poem about 'William' and a tuneful folk song. Beryl has another episode of Phyllis, Dynwen and Maud with Liza, Buddug and Kym who read the Jumbelies, followed by Donna Smith who loves mice, and her husband Simon reads; 'In just Spring'. Liza reads 'I will remember it'. Wes has several poems and MC - Phil Knight reads from his own collection. Beryl reads William Blake's poetry. The evening was enjoyed by all.
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