Poems and Pints May 2018
Posted By: admin On Monday 14th of May 2018 08:47:07.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Monday 14th of May 2018 23:21:30.
May Poems and Pints welcomed the Red Poets,Al, Phil, Tim, Mike and Wendy read from Red Poets 22 and 23 Magazine.Sally read from her book about graves at Port Talbot 1893 Ian had a great dedication to MC Phil Heather a very moving folk song. Huw, Paul and Tony brought us great songs and music. Phil read from his collection brought out by Red Poets. Wes read a touching dedication to his great, great, granddaughter, Paul had a story to tell and Tony had poems.Mike M had a powerful poem about Syria. A great end to the evening with Huw, Pul and Tony giving everyone chance to join in with; 'Sop He What's that Sound' A great evening with Mike J and the Red Poets together with Phil K, MC for Cheval: Neath Poems and Pints at the Cambrian Arms.
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