Poems and Pints November 2016
Posted By: admin On Thursday 10th of November 2016 08:32:00.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Friday 27th of October 2017 15:29:58.
The second half of November Poems and Pints, with the Afan Valley satirical play by Beryl, acted out by the contributors to the evening, while the rest of us enjoy the fun. Amanda voices her feeling about, 'fracking',in her poem. Wendy transports us on a lovely journey with her poetry, especially words about picking blackberries. Paul provides us with ; 'deep thinking', and what is happening in the world. Phil has words of poetry about Dylan's shed, as well as his poetry. Beryl, takes us on a trail to follow the Incas with poetry.Liz, sings to us in Welsh about; 'Hiraeth'. Wes, is not happy about a supermarket being built on the site of the old ironworks, one of his poems. Mark reads more of his aphorisms, sayings so full of meaning, whereas Brendan ends the evening with songs that are so full of meaning, he is a great musician.
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