Poems and Pints August 2016
Posted By: admin On Thursday 11th of August 2016 07:54:00.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Friday 27th of October 2017 15:23:31.
Another entertaining evening at the Cambrian Arms. Brendan brings us great music; 'In the port of Amsterdam', 'Sailing away by the Moon is the sky', and others. Kym reads Philip Larkin and a thoughtful extract about housing and Liverpool. Huw brings us a great poem about Stratford and William Shakespeare, as well as, a poem about an amazing sheep dog,all true. Mark has some thoughtful aphorisms. Paul brings us a play that finds Mark's daughter Livy playing a part of his mother, acting abilities of Brendan, Kym and Huw are all revealed.Alan brings us his own patriotic poem, touchingly performed to music. Paul performs a very old French song in English. Brendan ends the evening, bringing us a vision; 'Sitting on the top of the Bay. An eclectic evening, with a variety of poetry, music, songs and screen writing, acted out. Thank you to Michael for filming.
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