Poems and Pints February 2017
Posted By: admin On Thursday 9th of February 2017 13:06:00.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Wednesday 25th of October 2017 13:40:07.
Another most enjoyable evening at the Cambrian Arms Melyn. Poems and Pints February 2017, thank you for supporting the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award.. Brendan gives a lively start to the evening up on Blueberry Hill. Phil has a poem about President Trump, followed by a poem relating to the Year of the Fire Rooster. Paul and Tony create some great music together. Tony has a poem about the Queen.Kym never fails to hold our interest with her choice of poetry. Mark is inspired by the flight of a swan, and he stimulates our thinking with aphorisms. Kevin has a satirical monologue about a hair in the bed.Wes expresses his love of the old times at Ystalyfera, and Jersey Marine Beach. Tony brings us verse about the feeling of Dylan's mother to call his son Dylan.Brendan closes the evening with a 'Dedicated follower of fashion'
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Comment from: Phil Knight
Posted On: Wednesday 25th of October 2017 13:40:44.
Thanks as ever to Aida for her wonderful energy and dedication to providing a fabulous space for everyone to share such brilliant words amd music. And to Micheal for capturing it all. And to Malcolm for putting it out there :-)
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