Poems and Pints April 2017
Posted By: admin On Thursday 13th of April 2017 11:43:00.
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Comment from: Phil Knight
Posted On: Wednesday 25th of October 2017 13:33:33.
It a great evening in cebration of one of finest posts and as Edward Thomas said; "And we that were wise live free To recall our happiness then."
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Wednesday 25th of October 2017 13:34:21.
Commemorating the life of poet Edward Thomas. Poems read by Huw, Phil, Kym, Liza, Amanda, Paul. Teifion brings us poems about oak trees, owls, hawks, lakes and widens our imagination. Kevin selecting reading about dreaming , and becoming a dog. Sally talks about 'Adlestrop', and the Irish Famine. Paula has a poem about the steelworks, and Shelley's blackbird. Mark has put a lot of thought into aphorisms. Amanda has a message poem from Alan Taylor. Tony and Paul bring us a Bob Dylan song, and other great music and songs. Kym has a great choice of reading, Amanda an amusing, 'dating on the internet. Brendan stars with;'Nothing is right, and everything's wrong'. He bring's us a cheerful end to the evening, everyone joins in the'Wild Rover', and it is no ney never...
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