Poems and Pints August 2017
Posted By: admin On Thursday 10th of August 2017 10:41:00.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Tuesday 24th of October 2017 18:21:02.
August 2017, thenk you to everyone, 10 years on in the memory of Terry Hetherington, and money raised funds the award in his namesake. Phil read his poem the'Veteran', and Amanda read my late sister's poem dedicated to Terry.From sadness to laughing as Phil provided brilliant performanc poetry. Paula Griffiths brought her lovely daughters, wonderful songs from both Paula and her daughter. Tony and Paul compliment each other with guitar and song.There were poems and prose from Kym, Tony, Paul, Wes, Huw, Paula, Amanda, Kevin. Heather sang lovely folk song, one about vegetables. Michael had thoughtful songs about Wales and Aberfan, as ell as sat. nav's, Liza's reading we can relate to, busy all day, and not really done anything, and exercises for the over 60's.Brendan starts the evening and ends the evening with everyone joining in music and song.
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