Poems and Pints September 2017
Posted By: admin On Thursday 14th of September 2017 10:39:00.
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Comment from: Aida Birch
Posted On: Tuesday 24th of October 2017 18:16:43.
Another most enjoyable evening at the Cambrian Arms. Brendan brings us music and song to start the evening, and we all join in the 'Market Place' to close a brilliant evening. Kym has a great choice of poetry and readings. Mark provides us thinking about the truth with aphorisms. Wendy Holborrow read from her wide selection of poetry about her most exciting travel, camping with a hippo outside her tent is alarming;'Arrival'descriptive poeM set in Italy. Wss brings us a poem about September, and thoughtful others.Michael Phillips has put verse to song and one can visualise the places along the River Severn,'texting'is a poem in song. Paul has a story abaout his grandmother, as well as, songs for guitar. Phil brought radishes, and wore a yellow shirt significant to his poetry he translated from Russian
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Comment from: Phil Knight
Posted On: Tuesday 24th of October 2017 18:18:37.
The yellow shirt was in honour of Vladimir Mayakovsky, he was of the Russian Futurist Poets and a yellow shirt was their symbol. All in all it was another grand evening.
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